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Kaviyogii (left) with his guru / Dr Kaviyogii initiating Dr Keskey MD of USA. Kavi in Y O G A.
Power Yoga
Initiation in Power Yoga ensures greater sex power/immunity/and longevity of life
Power yoga is scientifically taught by Kaviyogi dr p.pandian to the deserving disciples.
The benefit is hundred fold
For details refer to Kaviyogi's yoga for three bodies
Fix up appointment with kaviyogi by logging in to his web site.
If you are fortunate you may get a chance for tryst with the Reality

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I like to share the TRUTH with YOU ALL

I had a vision, though a part,
it is enough! For that alone is possible
Is The Ultimate Truth ONE?

Or is it Two?

It seems ONE Some time
It seems Two at another Time
Sure IT IS Other than ONE or TWO

Copyright Kaviyogi Dr Pandian IAS(R)

JULY 2014

An open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister N. Narendra Modiji, Let me congratulate you for striking at the right chord for the right symphony. You have rightly chosen the trigger for farm development to restructure the agrarian economy. Your novel scheme of 'soil health certificate' is the Prime mover of our machinery of rural reconstruction.

2) You have also tied up all research institutions to lend support and also made it compulsory for the graduate students to have regular farm visit to determine the soil heath and recommend proper nutrients for enriching them to suit the crop pattern of each soil. It goes without saying that the nutrients will be selected from Natural & farm yard manures rather than chemical fertilizers.

3) On an extended application, formation of farm cooperatives and removal of encroachments on the water bodies and channels follows next.

4) The soil health data, should naturally lead to explore the causes for making changes in soil texture. The unmindful use of plastics and indiscriminate application of chemical fertilizers should have added to the deterioration of soil chemistry. Hence it leads us to segregation of materials like plastic from the soil and re use them in such a way that the mother earth is not poisoned further.

Role of 'A' Register

5) 'A' register otherwise called the permanent Register of every village should be carefully studied and the topology of the land should be recreated to the extent possible as per A register. This single exercise, if carried out thoroughly, will usher in real GramRajya. We request the Prime Minister putting it in a nutshell, if the soil and land topology can be recreated to its original status that is when A register was complied - 99.9% reconstruction of rural economy would have been resurrected and recreated.

6) We will come face to face with plethora of petty encroachments suffocating the neck of the breathing apparatus of farm life. The encroachment say on a supply channel may be negligently so small, yet at the vitally crucial point will be blocking the flow of the much wanted water. The encroachment must have been patronized by vested interest much against the common weal-- the official machinery a mute witness to the degradation.

7) India was known as 'Navalam Tivu' - Jamun Land. If the topes and village forests as per the A register are revived, one can find all the species of flora and fauna in India.

8) We hear quarries in Mathurai and Tirunelvelly and Thoothukkudi Districts have been so mined so deep that their characteristics have changed from mines to waste land beyond redemption

9) A concerted central and state agencies have to work in tandem to reconstruct the damaged topology to its original state to help the rural economy revive and further grow.

10) As this move triggers a self actuated series of developmental steps, it is the royal root to strike roots to strike at the chill penury at the fields so far remaining difficult to combat. BJP at the grass root democracy will become the catalysts for a better India - a resurgent rural economy Under Your Patronage.I have held various positions dealing with land yet I find no other options except to reconstruct the soil.chemico physical properties by acting boldly against the spoilers of Earth for profitable motive throwing away the public welfare to the winds.The future will judge your performance ,the way you lead this REAL MAHABARATHA WAR AGAINST THE SPOILERS OF EARTH.



  The pleasant trepidation
Like a bud awaits the first tryst with light
With unexpected encounter delight
Mixed with risk ,fear,happiness and wonder!
I am now waiting for the flight to beatitude!yonder!

Like the baby in the wombwrigling
Just before delivery,wondering
When it is landed on earth at once
I await for my prize of Penance
Like the secret of the Night,
Tremulous with love's fright
For the Twilight to dawn
I am waiting my Reception
Like the newly wed teen girl
Anxious for the first All in All
Of the nuptial dangerous delight
I am waiting for my FinalFlight!!
I came here as a spark
From my FATHER in HEAVEN hark!
He beckons me to return the King of Kings
For the Summum bonum I am spreading my wings!
Copyright Kaviyogi Dr Pandian IAS(R)


Yoga Demystified - An Introduction to Raja Yoga
Yoga Demystified is a distillation of Kaviyogi's over 70 years of experience on the path of Yoga. Addressed to the beginner, this work serves as an introduction to Raja Yoga. It provides an overview of the eight limbs of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. Included is a special chapter on Meyyunarvu, inadequately translated as 'Self Realization', and provides clarification on this misunderstood state.

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Spark in the Cotton - A Translation of Avvai Kural
Although many books have been written on the subject of Yoga in the last millennia, none can compare in breadth, depth and clarity to Avvai Kural. This work, authored by Siddha Avvai, is not well known within Saiva Siddhantha literature and far less outside of Tamil Nadu. In Avvai Kural, Siddha Avvai provides a very detailed account of Kundalini Yoga and gives us a glimpse of the stages which lead to the final beatitude.

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The Golden Key to the Gnostic Code
Since time immemorial mystics, seers and religious figures have sought to explain the origins of the universe and the true nature of reality. In this quest, great Siddhas and Yogis have had revelations which provide illuminating answers to these deepest of secrets. The Golden Key to the Gnostic Code is a work detailing the mechanics of Nadam and Bindu (vibrations of sound and light), as revealed to Kaviyogi during a mystical experience. It is an unparalleled work which provides valuable insight into the highest of Yogic knowledge which the field of Quantum Physics is only beginning to uncover.

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Love in the Wooded Hill Slope
Love In The Wooded Hill Slope is an English translation of Kalitokai (Kurinci). This work by the great Tamil poet Kapilar is among the famous Eight Anthologies of Sangam literature, more than 2000 years old. Kalitokai depicts love in its five phases: union, separation, waiting for love, quarrel and lamentation. These love themes and different moods are depicted in different locales, offering a rich and verdant literary pasture. This literary wine has matured well in two millennia and is now offered to you in free English verse.

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  Kaviyogi's 83rd birthday was celebrated by The Probus Club Chennai at the Russian Cultural Centre Chennai on 25th Jan 2014. Kaviyogii's 4 books were launched in India on the occassion.  
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Initiation in Power Yoga
It is totally free service. But disciples should come through only by appointment through web. Phones will not be answered. If you want to honour Guru your offer should be 1/6th of your income. That too is purely voluntary, Guru has the right to decline or accept it.

An Invitation
To dynamic young men and women above 30 years with a minimum qualification of SSLC passed

Decent jobs will be offered, incentive for additional work.

You can do the job staying at home or as an additional job.

Report direct to:
Dr. Jayakumar MSc. Vet. Ph.D
No. 3/9 Baskara Street
Chennai - 600 024
Phone: 9841106833

Walk in interview
  • SSLC certificate copy
  • Passport size photos (5 no.s)
  • Family card first page for proof of address
  • Cancelled cheque leaf for crediting through bank
  • PAN card xerox copy (we will help procure PAN card if you don't have one)
  • Reference from two for good conduct and character

Swami Valayapati Siddar Swamigal M.A; L.R.C.P (Vienna) who lived for 110 years. Swamiji taught me LUNAR YOGA while he was in tapas at the foot of POTIYIL Hills at Sambavar Vadakarai. I was then DEPUTY COLLECTOR Kovilpatti Tinnevelly District - 1974 to 1976.

Swamiji was in SUBASH CHANDRA BOSE's Army as The Chief Medical Officer. When he came to India he assisted Dr Soundaram Ramachandran of Gandhigram in Asharam activities.

Swamiji's Samadhi is in Bangalore at #52 8th Cross road, Nallappa Reddy Colony, B. Channasandra, Bangalore 560043. Ramakrishna Iyyer is the Trustee. Interested people can have darshan. His phone 9632182552. The Kaliyuga's atrocities will be mitigated by the grace of this one of the greatest yogies of 20th Century.

Chennai Poets' Circle anniversary

The Chennai Poets' Circle celebrated its anniversary. Poets from different parts of India read their poems. Kaviyogi Dr P. Pandian too read his poem.

77th Remembrance day of V.O.C

The 77th Remembrance day of V.O.C was celebrated by The All India V.O.C Sangam, under the Chairmanship of Sr. P. Pandian IAS(R). A convoy of vehicles went to garland V.O.C's Statue in the Port Trust Campus after a meeting at the headquarters of the Sangam. Its President Murugesan Pillai, General Secretary Kumar Pillai, Agni journalist and other executive committee members are seen in the picture. Balaji showed his dynamism in leading and showing the way for the convoy. He and his brother handled a number of cameras.

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Kaviyogii's Love song on YouTube

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