Kochi-The Capital City of Kerala on South West Coast of India, Probably the World’s best Foodie Tropical City, A Must Visit!

When we talk of tropical cities probably the cheapest and most economical cities among all is Kochi, the capital city of Kerala, located on the Southwest coast of India. It’s the Gods own home, and extremely popular all over the world for its spices, and especially curries. The Portuguese have a deep influence over the Kerela culture and food. And special coconut based Konkani curry rich in spices like pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, fennel seeds and a lot more, is the specialty of Kerala. Its also a gathering place for travelers and merchants from different nations as well as people who came here from Arab, Portugal, and Britain. All of them have their legacy and imprints over here. Its an emerging destination for travelers in Kerala and the best months to visit is from November to April. And it’s culturally and historically a significance in Kerela. It does offer a variety of experiences, and quite an assorted list of delectable recipes for both nonvegetarian and veggies. However, truly speaking it’s a paradise for nonvegetarian though the same thing applies for vegetarian as well, and you can find here quite easily diet foods as well. The water out here is also quite good for drinking, and all budget hotels can be easily found as well. 

The accommodation can not be more than $12s for backpackers per day. However, it can be as high as $150s per day for the luxury class. The Lulu Shopping Mall has more than 300 food stalls, and probably they serve the best food in Asia out here in Kerala and are among the top 10 in the world.  

The Fort Kochi is a must-visit as well. It’s the only place where you can find the Chinese fishing net from all over the world, and thanks to the traders from the court of Chinese emperor Kubla Khan who came here with it. The St Francis church, one of the oldest in Europeans in India is located here, and stands here is the Vasco House, where Vasco De Gama probably stayed. The Cochin Carnival conducted on the New Year Eve out here is a must-attend as well.  

The Mattancherry is another interesting location correctly pronounced as Ancherry Mattam means a Brahmin house, though foreign traders called it Matt-Ancherry, and hence the name. The Portuguese influence can be seen here, and the Dutch palace is quite worthy for watching as well. The Jew Town is another attraction with the synagogue that dates back and as old as 1568, and that makes it the oldest synagogue along with all the tourist spots such as the Mattancherry Palace Museum. You can see different weapons like swords as well as spears and many more out here in this museum. The Pazhayannur Royal Temple as well as Palliarakkavvu temple, God Sarawat Brahmin temple, and the Ram Mandir, are some of the other destinations to watch out for. Also, don’t forget to visit the Bolghatty and Vypeen Island out here as well as Marine drive. 

And don’t worry about hotels, food, and transportations out here as well as safety. You will get an appropriate option for each for all budget ranges. Its must-visit destination, and the best foodie tropical city of the world certainly.  

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