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  • Name: Strong Suction Magnet Cups Portable PTZ camera
  • No.: A08
  • Time: 2018-04-19
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Product Name: Magnet portable PTZ camera


         WL-HD-HL-C(HD IP)

         WL-SDI-HL-C-永利皇宫 HD)

         WL-AHD(CVI/TVI)-HL-C(Coaxial HD)  


Product acessories: Shock absorber WL-CZ52                  




·PTZ has three installation ways

·The bottom shock absorber, match the car cloud stand, install on the of car

·The bottom magnet, placed on a tripod for field survey use, can also be used for video conferencing

·Bottom strong disk, no need to install the car in the roof bracket, direct strong adsorption on the of the car, easy installation and destruction

·The system is a set of high-definition video wireless transmission, voice cluster talkback, car hard disk video, GPS / Beidou dual-mode positioning, WIFI hotspot transmission, local monitoring, PTZ control and other components. Of all-round, multi-functional vehicle control center.

Night Vision Supplement: The use of imported OSRAM high-brightness light-emitting infrared light, night vision is 50-80 meters

HD IP: PTZ support mainstream megapixel digital high-definition movement and HD SENSOR HD picture capture, compatible with mainstream HD platform and seamless docking, the maximum support 1080P output, support for dual-stream and high-definition capture, support IE browser

SDI HDPTZ support megapixel HD movement, HD-SDI digital interface output, megapixel digital high-definition image lossless, real-time transmission, no delay, a variety of resolution adjustable (1080p / 60 1080p / 30 1080p / 25 720p / 60 720p / 30 720p / 25)

Coaxial HDPTZ support common AHD / CVI / TVI coaxial HD movement, and support coaxial HD DVR output, the image without any coding compression, full real-time high-definition picture coaxial transmission


Application: Live / mobile law enforcement / city law / video conferencing / urban law and order law enforcement / special patrol / smart post


Product Technical Data:


PTZ Function


Pan preset speed


Tilt preset speed


Pan control speed


Tilt control speed


Pan range

360°endless rotation

Tilt range

-20° ~ +90°

Preset positionsTracking

256 positions  6 tracking

Control Way

RS485, Built-in 16 protocol, Baud Rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional

Relative Humidity

Less than 90%

IP Grade


Working Temperature

-35° ~ +55°

Impact resistance requirements





Variety of installation according to the environment




Network parameters


Video Compression


Audio Compression


Compression output rate


Support Protocol


SNMPFTP802.1xQoSHTTPSIPv6 (SIP-www.yl8.ccSRTP optional)GB28181

Interface Protocol


Communication Protocol

PelcoD-P Protocol

Storage Function

Support MicroSD storage

Intelligent Arlarm

Motion detection, mask alarm, full memory, memory mistake


While previewing video

Most 10 Channels



User Rights

At most 32 userswith three grades: Administrator, Operator, and ordinary users can only view

Safe Mode

Authorized user name and password, and MAC address binding; HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x network access control, IP address filtering

ROI Code

Support 24pcsGrade can be adjusted


Measures and Diagram(mm)

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