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Changzhou Shuoxin Joined Beijing EPSS永利皇宫

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-29

Changzhou Shuo Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the design and production of intelligent security monitoring system equipment technology-based enterprises. Shuo Xin was invited to participate in the Beijing Security Exhibition, and to bring the latest self-developed manufacturing of "high-definition smart car PTZ series" "portable car infrared PTZ series" "4G portable wireless mobile dispatch terminal series" "digital high-definition network PTZ Series "" heavy intelligent integration PTZ series "" thermal imaging night vision PTZ series "and other high-tech products unveiled the Beijing exhibition, products are praised by integrators and project partners. Shuo Xin products are widely used in roads, airports, public security, border defense, maritime, forest fire prevention, urban management, transportation, environmental protection, electricity and other social security protection in various fields

All the staff efforts, the four-day exhibition has been a complete success!!!







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