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Common fault analysis

The problem

Possible causes


 After power no action, no image

 Damage or shortage of power supply


 Power line fault


 Project line fault


Self is not normal, image but with Ma Daming.

 Mechanical fault


 Head may be angled


 Power is not enough

 Change to meet the requirements of power supply

 Self action is normal, but no images

 Video line fault


 Video bad lines


 Camera damage


 Self test successful, but not control

 The control signal line ground fault


 Address does not correspond to

 To choose

 Protocol mismatch

 Adjustment agreement with the controller matches and power on again

 Image stability

 Video bad lines


 Power is not enough


 Ball control

 Self test abnormal

 Power on again

 Control line is bad


 The host operating problems

 Host power on again

 Load excess or communication distance is too far

 1. From the most remote controller of a ball120 ohm resistor, the rest is in an off state;;
 2. Increase code distributor

 Infrared automatic / manual failure

 Infrared light has the potential to damage



The above lists some common problems, as well as solution, only provide reference. If you have other special problems, can be directly and agency consultation request, provide technical support.
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